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WOKO - What we do

Do you run a pet supply store and are looking for a high quality pet products? Do you want to differentiate from competitors? Or are you a producer of innovative pet food or treats?

Then you are perfectly right here at WOKO! We are specialized on rooting up special food and treats and making them available for our customers. We only bet on premium products for pet owners who are aware of appropriate feeding of their pets.

WOKO - Our products

WOKO offers a wide range of products. Starting with high quality dry food, our private brands that build the origin of our company, to premium brands exclusively distributed for pet speciality stores.

WOKO owns the exclusive distribution rights on following brands:

  • K9 natural
  • Thrive
  • Applaws
  • Arava
  • West Paw Design
  • Brüggli 4 Pets Dogboxen

Are you interested in our range? Do you want to get to know to WOKO as partner in logistics or distribution? Feel free to contact us!